Metro Sports Fieldhouse Nonprofit
Jul 27, 2021 12:00 PM
Larry Curry - Metro Sports Fieldhouse Nonprofit
Metro Sports Fieldhouse Nonprofit 

When you set your mind to something, you can truly live the American Dream.

That guiding philosophy led Arlington resident Larry Curry to create Metro Sports Fieldhouse.

The nonprofit combines sports and STEM education to enrich the lives of Arlington children. It's a natural fit for Curry — a UT Arlington alumnus and Bell employee. 

"I wanted to truly have an impact on kids that may not have had the resources or the knowledge of some of the educational topics I'm passionate about," Curry said.

As a member of Arlington's nonprofit community, Curry has found a remarkable level of support from his hometown. 

"When you meet people here in Arlington, especially if you're making an impact on the community, trying to do positive things for the community, from a social or economic standpoint, people will bend over backward."

Now Curry is repaying that kindness as he helps a new generation live their dreams in The American Dream City.